Tuesday, September 4, 2012

shopping therapy (via insta & pixlromatic)

seven years ago, during my sophomore year of high school, was the first time that a boy made me really cry. 
i'll never forget the day.
although i can't remember exactly what the boy did to make me cry, i remember my mom being very upset about it when she found me crying.
my best friend was with me, and my mom decided to take us out for "shopping therapy".
living in such a tiny town, the only store that we were able to go to was maurices.
that was the first day that i realized how much shopping can heal a broken heart.
ok- maybe not permanently, but it can sure help for a little while!
throughout the rest of my years in high school, my mom and i had to take many, many trips to boise for shopping therapy.
in fact, we still do it to this day.
today, to be exact.
shopping therapy has never failed me.
not once.

we took pictures that very first day that i experienced shopping therapy in maurices.
and i dug them out of a box just to show you...

these last few weeks i have been desperate for a little bit of shopping therapy with my mom.
so we decided to go today and take tons of pictures just like we did the very first time.
here was our day...

you can never start a day of shopping without drinks from a coffee shop...

after hitting some thrift stores (where i got some uh-mazing finds that you will definitely be seeing in some upcoming fashion and diy posts), we met up with my cousin and aunt for lunch and nordstrom rack. 

i NEED this black leather studded vince camuto bag, but i can't afford it right now :( 

i need it, and it needs me! 

my mom and this kooba bag needed each other too- but much, much too expensive.

now, it was off to t.j. maxx for my mom and i- to spend more money that i do not have :)

 you will be seeing these sunnies in an outfit post soon...

enzo angiolini boots- i NEED!!

ehh... uggs i could do without...

so i'm usually not a huge fan of juicy couture purses... but this one needed me even more than the vince camuto bag at the rack. 

ahhhhh... (totally cuter in real life, seriously)

i love sparkles. 

so- every time we are in a dressing room together, we have a party. 

first time in pleather pants- i will buy when i find a pair that aren't so papery and uncomfortable.

i so should have bought the sparkly shorts...

no, not her every day look- we were on the hunt for clothes to make a lalaloopsy halloween costume.

 so she fell asleep- it was a long day. 

to top our oh-so therapeutic day off, we had some keva juice and a photo shoot for my upcoming fashion post that will be up in a few days!

hope you had an amazing labor day! :)


  1. Beautiful phots!
    Love the glitter shorts :D

  2. 1. seriously love your shopping day with your mom :) you sound just like how my mom and i are :)
    2.love that you hit up stores like tj max. seriously such a great store for some awesome finds!
    3. we just became bffs because you cannot do shopping WITHOUT coffee. seriously! <-- saying this too much ha.
    4. just became a follower! xo

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog..and boy am I so happy I did! Love your style and can't wait to follow along :)

  4. Thank you Megs for letting us crash your "Shopping Therapy". I love you and am always here for you. Aunt C.

  5. you have to love nordstrom rack! i have really enjoyed looking at your style!



  6. What a fun day you had--and, how did you get along without your grandmother??? It would have been fun to have been with you, but I'd have probably gotten worn out from all that therapy! ;-) I just loved looking at your pictures, and reading all about your special day--sweet! Love you!

  7. Love this post. Looks like a really great day!!