Tuesday, February 28, 2012

a little randomness for you.

i wanted to start this post by saying that i am so thankful for everyone's sweet comments and support for my blog.
seriously, it just makes me all giddy inside.
i love it so much.
however, somedays i just don't have much to say because my brain is fried from reading so much meaningless material in text books and literature books!
so to go easy on myself today, i thought that i would just share with you ten little random things about my life so that you can get to know me better.
and then of course, share with you my little get-up that i've got goin' on in the following pictures.
so buckle up because this is going to be craaazy!
just kidding.
although that would be fun.
ok here it goes...

1. i am a daydream-aholic.
2. i have a deep, deep love for southern california.
3. i wish that i was tough enough to teach in an inner-city school.
4. airports are probably my favorite places in the whole world.
5. i'm a nanny, and i cry every single time i think about leaving my job after this summer.
6. i desperately wish that 'the hills' was still being filmed.
7. my feelings are hurt way too easily, and i hate that.
8. someday i hope to drive a black denali (oh please, oh please, oh pleeeease!).
 9. i can't tell people 'no'; just can't do it.
10. i'm going to have all little girls and no boys (sshhh...don't tell my boyfriend/future husband)!
and that's just a lil' about me.
now on to the goods...

jacket: aeropostale
sweater shrug: maurices
dress: angel (i got it from a boutique in california)
socks(leg warmers): diy (see post below this one)
boots: buckle
scarf: unknown
headband: pink (boutique in downtown boise)
belt: forever21

Sunday, February 26, 2012

DIY leg warmers (made to look like socks!)

boots, boots, and more boots!
they seem to be a girl's best friend these days.
and i am okay with that because i loovve boots.
however, everywhere i see boots i also find socks that are showing above the boots.
and sadly, i don't own one single pair of cute long socks.
so today i resorted to making a pair! 
although i don't think you can call them socks, since they don't actually cover your feet.
so lets just call them leg warmers.
let me know if you have a better name! 

so this is probably the most easy diy project ever!
my mom and i recently scoured some thrift stores and bought some sweaters that we thought would be cute to cut up and make into headbands.
well, with a lack of time, it hasn't happened.
but today when i was putting together my outfit for my next outfit post, i thought of the brilliant idea to make some false socks to go under my boots from one of the sweaters that we bought. 
yes, love it when that happens!

            so all that I did was took some handy fabric scissors and cut off each sleeve about half way up the arm.

                          next i just scrunched them below my knees and slipped on some boots! 
              this is such an easy way to add a little something fun and unique to any outfit.
            i will be showing off the rest of this outfit in the next day or two for my next post, so be sure to check back!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

my day with michael kors and color

so i've been on sort of a budget lately.
i've really been trying to cut back on spending any of my money on things that I don't absolutely need.
but the other day i was killing time at the mall, and i walked into dillards.
little did i know, they were having a huge sale: 60 percent or more off on winter shoes.
omg, i just couldn't help myself.
i walked through each row and tried on so many drool-worthy pairs.
but i ended up staying strong and making my way to a new store.
however, while in that store, all i could think about were these michael kors boots.
it was killing me!
they were originally $250 but on sale for under $90.
so you can understand how it was killing me, right?
i've never owned anything michael kors so i convinced myself that i needed to buy them.
so i walked right back into dillards and now they are all mine...
and i couldn't be happier.
they are so comfy and i love them so so so much!

and for my outfit...
i thought that it would be fun to step out of my comfort zone and try some bright color blocking.
and well, it might just be a new love of mine...
top: pink (victoria's secret)
shrug: made for me 2 look pretty (ross)
skirt and scarf: american eagle outfitters
tights: wal mart (bought for a cindy lou who costume!)
leg warmers: unknown
shoes: michael kors (dillards)
belt: rue21

glasses: jo-ann fabrics

Monday, February 13, 2012

my ten reasons why...

so as most of you know, i got to spend the weekend in st. george with my bff.
aka- the coolest boy in the world and most sweeeetest boyfriend, ever, evereverever.
i got home this morning and to put it quite simply, it's been a rough day.
i have a to-do list right now that's about as big as i am, but instead, i'm doing this...
because tomorrow's valentine's day and i am trying to feel the love even though i am all alone.
every day, every hour, every minute when i am with him i am reminded of why i am the luckiest girl in the world.
so i just wanted to share my top ten moments from this weekend that reminded me of why i wake up every morning and give everything i have to this long-distance relationship that makes my life so worth living....

1. the feeling that i still get (after six years of dating) when i'm about to see him.
you know, the one that makes your heart start beating so fast and you start thinking that if the people on this plane don't start moving faster, you're just going to have to trample them.
it's the walk from the airplane to his car where he's waiting that seems like it couldn't be any longer.
but then when you see him, you start to feel so nervous and somewhat shy, like it's your first crush all over again...

2. it's the way that everytime we're sitting at a red light, he misses when it turns green because he's too busy singing to me.
or dancing, or just talking to me.
 and it's the way i feel when he says that that only happens when he's with me...

3. it's the way that we love to go out together and have fun.
we get so excited weeks in advance just to spend a few hours in vegas.
it's the fact that we know whatever we will be doing, even if things don't go as planned, we will have the most amazing time, just because we're together.
this weekend we went to the eiffel tower restarurant.
we got such a thrill out of being in such a fancy place together, we still can't stop talking about it.

4. and it's the way that at that restaurant, we wanted to try something new.
so we had duck liver as an appetizer!
we're not afraid to step out there and experience new things, and it makes life so exciting.
(he also took me skydiving for my 18th birthday, by the way.)

5. it's the way that he watched six hours of the bachelor with me on the internet because i don't have the time to watch it when i'm home.
it's the fact that he didn't have to watch it with me, but he did because he knew it would make me happy.
and it's definitely the way that i think he got more into it than i did...!
(i hope i don't get in trouble for saying that.)

6. it's the way that when we took a walk and it was just me and him out there, everthing was perfect.
and i felt like there was nothing in the world that could take away from my happiness.
and also, it was the way that he thought it would be fun to look for bugs in the creek ;)

7. it's the way that we love to go out and have a good time, but we also just can't get enough of cuddling up together to watch movies.
this was definitely a redbox weekend, and those are the best.
and it's the way that he's not embarrassed to search for a movie like this in order to stay out of the freezing, blowing rain...

8. it's the way that when we went shopping at wal mart, he told me to stand in front of him on the cart so that we could run through the parking lot in the rain.
it's the playful side of him that i could never live without- the part of him that makes me laugh so much it hurts.

9. and it's the way that whenever we go to the movie theatre, we always get skittles or sour patch kids, and he always eats the green ones that i don't like.
it's times like those where i feel like he truly is my other half.
cause what would happen to all of those greens if i didn't have him??

10. and last, but definitely not least, it's the way that he holds me when i always cry the night before i leave.
and then when i'm done crying, he asks me why i'm so pretty when i cry.
the only reason he lets me do it in the first place is because he knows it hurts me a lot less to cry when i'm with him than when i'm alone.
the only thing is, i definitely didn't get it all out this time, and it's been a day full of tears.
but every tear is a reminder of how lucky i am to have someone like him in my life...

and those are just a few of the reminders that i had this weekend.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

take me back...

with spring on the way, i couldn't help but blog about an outfit involving shorts!
i went to forever21 a few weekends ago and bought myself a romper.
i've never had one before, but i found this one for less than 7 dollars in one of their clearance bins.
they were practically giving it to me.
it always shocks me how you can't go into any popular stores now without being bombarded with eighties styles.
i remember my sophomore year of high school, we had eighties day for homecoming week.
i went to the mall and searched every single store.
i couldn't find a single peice of clothing that looked like it was from the eighties.
But today, eighties day would just look like any other day.
this honestly is the only item i own though that fits into the eighties category.
i just can't seem to find my groove with the trend right now.
but so far, i'm liking this.
maybe i'll go back for more... 

romper: forever21
top: downeast basics
shoes: miss bisou (i think i got them at macy's, i can't remember!)
belt and sunglasses: rue21
accessories: jessica simpson, aeropostale, and maurices

Saturday, February 4, 2012

when two worlds collide

one of the looks that i think is totally adorable is when you mix two types of outfits into one.
for example, in this outfit i took some nice pants, a fancy vest and heels and mixed it with more of a "hardcore" tee and jewelry with some dark eye makeup.
i call it my classy meets rocker look!
if you keep this in mind, you'd be surprised by how many different outfits you can come up with in that closet of yours...

tee shirt: affliction (bought at http://www.afflictionclothingstore.com/)
vest: express
pants: gap
shoes: bcbg girls (bought at macy's)
accessories: macy's

one of these "bracelets" is actually a wrapped up necklace.

have a wonderful week everyone!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

vegas...we are coming baaaack!

okay, so i'm going to get a little off topic here, but...
i can't believe that spring is almost here!
with every new season, i always wonder how i could have possibly thought that the season prior was my favorite.
yeah, i'm one of those indecisive people that can't decide on a real favorite.
for example, if you were to drive with me in a car you might get sick of me saying, "oh turn it up, this is my favorite song!"
i've been told by a few people that i can't say that about every song.
(how rude.)
i think it's a good thing.
it just means that i've got a lot of love in me!
but all of this talk is besides the point of this post (the one that i am writing instead of reading my geography book- which i will be angry at myself for in the morning. thank you to those who have taught me that procrastination is okay- you know who you are...)
i just wanted to share about how happy i am for spring to be on it's way.
the sunny, clear skies, and 50 degree weather is just too exciting for me. 
i keep pushing it with wearing thin sweaters instead of my coat and rolling down my car window while driving- both of which i immediately regret.
i just have to be pateint for a few more weeks.
it's times like these that i feel so blessed to live in idaho where we are able to experience all four seasons.
but anyways, seriously now...
very soon (ten days to be exact), i will be in st. george, utah visiting my boyfriend.
which i am even way more excited about than spring!
since st. george is just a short little drive from vegas, we will be spending an evening full of sin city.
okay, so we will probably just go to dinner and a show.
maybe some dancing.
maybe more....
cause you know what they say....
what happens in vegas, stays in vegas!
just kidding.
we really are only going to dinner and a show.
but still, vegas is the one excuse that girls have to dress like a hoochie mamma, even if you are just going to dinner and a show.
so i'll be hoochin' it up.
(but in a classy way...really.)
so i was going over a list of things in my head this morning that are essential for my evening in vegas (but really, things that are essential for any evening out.)
and i was thinking, i really could never live without these things- so i should blog about them!
there are lots of products and accessories that play a part in acheiving a fabulous look.
i'm just going to share with you my top 6...
warning: they are a bit pricey- i don't normally spend a lot of money on beauty products but these are a few things that i think are worth splurging on.

so first, i have to introduce to you to, the miracle of mystic tanning...
i'm sure that most of you have already discovered spray tanning.
isn't it the greatest?
really, life would be easier if uv tanning wasn't so dangerous to our skin.
but it is, so we have to resort to other ways of staying beautifully golden brown.
(especially if you are naturally very pale, like myself- it can be a bummer.)
i go to palm beach tan, where i can get a month's worth of unlimited mystic tans for around $60.
it's definitely a bit pricey, but some things are just worth the extra cash.
for those who aren't willing to spend that much, which is totally understandable, here is a link to a product that i have used and loved for years!

my second i-would-die-without product...

bronze goddess soft shimmer bronzer by estee lauder.
i swear by this bronzer.
and i don't swear by a lot of things.
this was another item that was originally stolen from my mom.
gosh, i am so sorry again mom.
i have gone back several times and re-stocked on this stuff.
i get it from dillards, around $30.
eeek, i know, kind of expensive for bronzer.
but the color is so pretty and natural and it doesn't fade.
there is also a lot, so it will last you for quite a while.
i wear it every single day on my face and chest.
never had a bronzer quite like it...

my third (and probably favorite) item....
my "diorshow" mascara.
now this i really do swear by, even more than the last product.
i'm very lucky to have naturally long eyelashes, but it was never brought to my attention before i started wearing this stuff.
i am constantly being asked now if my eyelashes are fake.
that's really all that there is to it- this stuff is awesome!
it makes your eye lashes so thick and long and it doesn't flake off.
i get it from sephora around $25.
no alternative for this one.

the fourth love of my life...
my clip-in hair extensions.
these are new for me!
for years i have wanted hair extensions.
for some reason, my hair just never would cooperate and grow for me.
but hair extensions were never an option because they are so expensive.
so the last time i was with my hair dresser she told me about clip-in extensions.
i seriously went and got some the very next day.
i got them from sally's beauty supply for about $110.
they are like a tenth of the price of regular extensions!
and they look so natural.
i am wearing them in both fashion posts i recently did if you would like to take a looksie.
the ones that i bought are 18 inches.
they are so easy to put in, it takes me about five minutes.
the only downside i must tell you- if you are wearing all eight peices, by the end of the day they can make your head feel somewhat sore.
but i really only wear mine for special occasions, so it doesn't bother me at all.
if you are thinking of taking the hair extension route, look into the clip-ins first!

and for one that we all know and love...

i've used these babies for years.
i've used bleaching kits from my dentist and also have experimented with other store bought brands, and nothing beats these.
i believe they're about $40 at wal mart.
there are cheaper kits made by crest, but what i love about the professional effects is that you see results very fast and they also whiten your teeth to the very tip-top extreme.
you just have to stay consistent with them.
it's worth it though, i promise.

and here's my very last essential for vegas...

a forever21 little scandalous dress.
forever21 has the best dresses for going out and they are soo cheap!
i think the one that i bought to wear was under $20.
so thankful that boise finally got one of these stores...

so there you have it.
what would you take to vegas?