Friday, July 6, 2012

come along with me for...

a few weeks ago my mom and i headed to the carnival to take some pictures.
key phrase being "a few weeks ago", when the weather was much cooler, which is why i am in a sweater and long capris. 
just had to inform you on that one- i am not crazy.
it's nearly in the 100's this week and just the thought of wearing a sweater and long capris outside makes me feel nauseous.

while in hollywood earlier this summer, i found the cutest boutique called varga.
it's not very often when you find a boutique that sells things that are affordable.
but this one was.
i'm always so excited when i find these places because then i know that i can buy things that not everyone else has.
you know, that awkward moment when you walk into a class, the store, or a get together and you're wearing the same shirt as someone else.
or even worse- while at a pool in st. george a few months ago, i was so excited to wear my new bikini from victoria's secret, until another girl walked in wearing the same one.
and it was even more awkward since there were only about five of us there.
so sometimes it's much better to play it safe by shopping at not-so-popular stores.
 so if you find yourself in southern california anytime soon, look up the nearest varga, you won't be sorry!

cardigan: abound via nordstrom rack
top: h.i.p. via norstrom rack
lace cami: american eagle outfitters
capris: l.a. idol via bohme
shoes: cole haan via nordstrom rack
belt and hat: varga
earrings: cost plus world market 
necklace and bracelets: forever21
sunglasses: kate spade via nordstrom rack