Saturday, March 24, 2012

my new love...

i am finally back to the blogging world after three weeks!
what's crazy is that it feels like it hasn't even been a whole week since i was last on here.
i hate that time goes by so fast.
during times like these when things are so chaotic, you look back and it seems like you missed the whole thing.
and people tell me that it's only going to get worse as i get older.
and i hate that...
definitely cause i'm a year older now.
yep, i turned 22 on the twelfth and it still just shocks me to say the number "twenty" in my age. 
there's just a part of me that wants to stay a little girl forever.
it's probably because i'm so spoiled by the people that love me and i just don't ever want that to go away!
(so if you're one of those people that love me and you're reading this, don't ever let that go know who you are.)
hopefully within the next week or so i can get on here and share some special things from my birthday.
but for now, i have another outfit post- featuring my birthday myself.

ahh these vince camuto boots.
i don't think i've ever loved a pair of shoes so much.
i was so excited when i found them on clearance at dillards.
one pair left, just my size.
it's one of the most exciting feelings in the world.
but that feeling was soon ripped from me when they couldn't find the matching boot in the back.
i was left standing there with one left boot, trying to decide if i should just buy it anyways.
but i decided to track them down online instead of awkwardly walking out of the store with one boot and not much of a plan of what i would do with the boot after that. 
so i found them on the designer's website.
not as much of a markdown but i didn't even care.
i was desperate at this point.
so now i have them and i'm never, ever going to let them go.

 top: downeast basics
shrug and bracelet: maurices
skirt: rue21
belt: calvin klein (marshalls)
boots: vince camuto

Sunday, March 4, 2012

a piece of my past...

if you knew me, you would know that i hate change.
i become attached so easily and there are just some things that i wish so badly could last forever.
growing up, my grandparents owned a farm.
it was such a magical and happy place.
it was such a huge part of my family, and it was hard on each and every one of us when they sold it five years ago.
it was one of the things in my life that i thought i would have forever...

we drove out to the farm this weekend to take some pictures. 
several times throughout the years i've driven by, but i've never stopped to get out.
the current owners weren't home, so we took the opportunity to snoop around and look through windows of the house.
as far as i'm concerned, it was mine first! 
the inside had been completely redone and it was hard to believe that it was the same place that i spent so much of my childhood.
however, as we walked around the farm, there were such familiar places; ones that made me feel as if time hadn't even even passed. 
it was very bittersweet.
probably more bitter than sweet though...
ok, definitely more bitter.
but even though it doesn't belong to us anymore, it will always be a part of me.
nothing can ever take away my memories that i have of this place... 

i felt that this song was appropriate.

and onto the fun stuff...

long sleeve top: rubbish (bought at norstrom rack)
(so excited that we are getting one in boise!!!!)
short sleeve top: downeast basics
jeans: l.a. idol (bought at bohme)
boots: ellie (bought online (for a rascal flatts concert!))
scarves: american eagle outfitters and unknown


and my favorite girl and greatest photographer...

what do you wish could last forever?