Saturday, December 31, 2011

care for some scrappin'?

those of you who know me might say i'm a crafty kind of girl.
well- I hope you say that.
do you say that?
please say that.
what do you do when it's gift giving time and that special person in your heart has just about everything they could ever want?
cause it's tricky, right?
just make 'em something!
okay, okay...
are you thinking- easier said than done?
trust me, i know the feeling.
well if you want an idea, i'll surely give you one.
this is a little something i made my boyfriend this christmas...

okay, so are you thinking this is just a tad girly looking?
i just can't help it.
i'm a true girly girl.
and i'm so fortunate to have a guy that is secure enough in his manhood to not mind being given gifts like this one.
i know, i'm so lucky aren't i?
cause i don't know what i'd do if he wasn't ok with it.
so what do you need to complete this cute little thing?

1. wooden frame from craftstore (i got mine at craft warehouse).
2. paint.
3. scrapbook materials (paper, ribbon, rhinestones, etc. oh and i can't live without magazine clippings).
4. picture stand.

all you do is paint the edges of your frame, or however much of the wood you want exposed.
then cover your frame with papers and other cute little details.
notice how i said cute?
uh huh.
and just a tip:
 i use lots and lots of hot glue to adhere pretty much everything.
if you use regular scrapbook stickers, things will likely fall off.
it's no fun.
and that's all you need to know!
as you can see, my frame is covered from head to toe.
yes, i tend to go overboard.
but it's truly up to you how you want yours to look.
cause simple can also be adorable.
just make sure to add a meaningful touch here or there and your sweetheart (or whoever) will love it.
if not, i owe ya.

p.s. happy 2012!

new girl on the block

so before i start i think it's crucial that i let you know i'm a newbie.
this is my very first post.
this is my first time taking my nikon dslr seriously.
this is my first time experimenting with photoshop.
and i'm here to tell you, it aint easy.
 so i'm a little scared, ok?
but bear with me here for a while.
i promise i'll try to make it worth it.