Friday, May 10, 2013

bright prints and neutrals...

last week i ventured into a local mall here in california that i had never been to before.
i only went because my secret reward card from victoria's secret was about to expire. 
so i only planned on spending a few dollars at most.
but of course, i found myself exploring lots of new shops and boutiques that i had never been to before.
so naturally, i bought...
 and bought...
 and bought.
my excuse?
well i have to buy new clothes because i need something to blog about.  
sometimes blogging is just the worst for my wallet. 
but sometimes a girl just needs an excuse to shop her little heart out. 

top: joppa
skirt: charlotte russe
shoes: steve madden via marshalls
bracelet: forever21
purse: gifted

my cute photographer for the day.

this is the california that i love.
not the beaches.
not the fancy cities and towns.
(although i do love those as well)
but these beautiful big mountains covered in green bushes.
this is what i fell in love with when i was a little girl.
and i continue to fall more in love every time i see them.