Saturday, December 1, 2012

with december comes my christmas wish list...

very sad news- my computer died on me this last week :(
so i am borrowing my roommate's computer for this post.
no photoshop (so depressing), so i am resorting to polyvore to bring you a few items on my christmas list this year. 
i don't know about you, but i can not wait to open my stocking christmas morning!
i can't imagine a christmas without my stocking.
i will never be too old to find joy in this tradition.
here are a few things that i have been drooling over and wouldn't mind seeing in my stocking or wrapped underneath the christmas tree..


1. cozy socks- a must for my stocking. $56 here
2. marc by marc jacobs wallet. $445 here
3. i love getting kitchen items for my future home. this anthropologie dessert plate is perfect. $12 here
4. my stocking would not be complete without some pretty underwear! $9.50 here
5. i love all of kate spade's iphone covers, especially this one. $40 here
6. wildfox couture is seriously adorable. $100 here
7. i could always use cute new journals and notebooks. $22 here
8. juicy couture bracelet- gorgeous. $98 here
9. tory burch riding boots- need i say more? $495 here
10. an all time favorite stocking stuffer- lotions and body butters. $16 here

happy december!