Saturday, September 15, 2012

inspiration, hope, heartache, yada yada...

 when i was in high school, i used to sit at my computer with a paper and pen.
i would browse the internet for quotes.
most of the time i would be on the hunt for sad love quotes.
i would copy them down on paper for hours upon hours.
i still have these pages of quotes and i still read them from time to time.
it reminds me of the girl i use to be- how far i've come, yet still so much the same...
so you can imagine, when pinterest came about- to me it was GOLD! 
the pinterest app on my phone is my biggest time waster. 
although- when i find a quote that sends goosebumps all over my arms or a quote that i instantly want to frame and hang on my wall- it is not time wasted to me! 
here are a few of my favorites right now...


  1. Great selection!
    Love the SJP's quote.

  2. aah I absolutely love quotes! I did a post on quotes a while ago :)
    I have a Marilyn Monroe one on my bedroom wall and I love it so much! xxx

  3. I love the one about eyelashes, 11:11, dandelions doing their job. I'm always wishing on those.

  4. i love all of these quotes

  5. I love quotes. And some of these are my favs. Great post.

  6. Ahhh love these quotes! :) I might steal a few.

  7. Such a great post, I've always been a sucker for a good quote, they can put things into perspective a lot of the time!

    "The best is yet to come"