Thursday, April 10, 2014


yay, it is finally springtime!
i have been in heaven with open windows and the sound of birds and lawnmowers.
i love spring.
and i love how every clothing store i walk into this season has so many floral items.
i cannot get enough.
there is nothing prettier and more feminine than floral.
and how cute are kimonos right now?!
i'm obsessed.
spring 2014 has some amazing trends!

kimono: forever21
romper: target
nylons: walmart {diy distressed}
shoes: jessica simpson
headband: monroe & harlow {here}

Friday, March 21, 2014

Guest Post Featuring Jenna Bechtholt {wedding and lifestlye photographer}

I am so excited to be guest posting for Megan of the Pretty Wishes blog. I just adore Megan’s little corner on the web & couldn’t be happier to share a bit about me with all of you!

So let’s jump into it! My name is Jenna and I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. My company is Jenna Bechtholt Photography and although I do mainly service Southern California, I happily travel far and wide to document couple’s wedding celebrations, as well as various lifestyle sessions. So, if you aren’t currently living in SoCal, don’t worry, I love to travel! My style is fairly relaxed and I love to utilize natural light to give my photographs a light and airy feel to them. I believe in simplicity but that doesn’t mean I don’t notice the little details! From the lace of a wedding dress and the bride’s antique earrings to the cake topper and sweet smile of the groom’s grandma, I know every element of a wedding is important and I work hard to document each detail!

But enough talking…let me show you!! Below are a few engagements shots from a recent Laguna Beach engagement session. I adore these images and feel like they are a perfect example of what my brand and style are. Full of love, beautifully lit, and capturing raw emotions!  See the full post of Paige and Kyle’s engagement session right HERE!

If you or someone you know are getting married soon or perhaps you would love to do a fun and mellow lifestyle session with your family, come on over to my blog and send me a quick hello! I love to meet new people and can’t wait to hear more about your story!

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Monday, February 10, 2014

flower crown...

how cute are flower crowns right now?!
i have been looking for the perfect occasion to wear one and with valentine's day coming up this week, i figured now is the perfect time!
these crowns are so simple to make and cheap also.
so embrace your inner girliness this valentine's and make one! :) 

here is what you will need:
1. silk flowers - i got mine at joanns but if you have a hobby lobby nearby, they have a much larger selection. and of course you can also use fresh flowers! 
2. florist wire - you can get this at wal mart or any craft store
3. florist tape - ok, so in the picture is the wrong type of tape. i didn't realize it was the wrong stuff until i started using it! you want to get the tape that is self-sealing, not waterproof! i have the right stuff pictured below. it is just so much easier to use.
4. wire cutters
5. scissors

(the best thing about making mistakes and having to go back to the store is being able to stop by dutch bros. duh! have you ever tried an orange infused green tea?? soooo good!) 
step one

wrap the wire around your head to make the crown form.
it is best to leave the overlap fairly long so that you can twist the ends around to make your crown secure.

step two

cut the flowers with your wire cutters.
i left about an inch to two inches of stem so that there would be enough to wrap around the crown form.
i also organized my flowers by color and cluster so that i could evenly place them around the crown.

step three

place the flowers around the crown in the pattern that you want before you start taping.
if you're using big flowers, it's smart to tape those on first thing and then start building around them.
look in the mirror first and make sure that it doesn't look like you have teddy bear ears- i made that mistake! 
just keep a mirror handy :)

step four
start taping the stems around the crown

 step five
wear your crown and look pretty!! 

Monday, January 27, 2014

hand applique elbow patches...

i love valentine's day! 
hearts, flowers, glitter, pink, lips... what girl wouldn't love this holiday?!
so i wanted to put together some diy projects just for valentine's day.
one trend that i have been seeing all over pinterest is the diy elbow patch.
and in honor of this special holiday, i thought that it would be perfect to make some heart patches.
i didn't have to spend a dime on this project because i already had all of the supplies.
but if you don't have a shirt that you want to alter with patches- just stop by a thrift store and i'm sure that you can find plenty that will work.
i also luckily had some gold sparkly fabric on hand for my patches.
but if you don't have any fabric either, you can look at a thrift store for any clothing items made out of cute glittery fabric or any other type that you may want to cut up and use... {or just hit up your nearest fabric store!}
 ok, so here we go...

what you will need:
2. fabric for patches
3. iron and ironing board
4. paper
5. straight pins
6. needle
7. thread
8. freezer paper
9. scissors
10. pen

first, you are going to take the freezer paper {and i will explain why this is used later}, and make your heart template.

pin your template onto the fabric and cut around it. 
the fabric that i used unravels easily so i left about a half inch of extra fabric around the heart.

freezer paper will lightly stick to the fabric, making it much easier to iron the edges down.
if you are using a fabric that will unravel, it is important to iron the edges to prevent unraveling.

mark your shirt where your elbow patch should go.

slip your paper into the sleeve so that you can pin and stitch without catching the bottom fabric.
pin all around the heart.

start stitching!
if you aren't sure how to hand stitch- there are lots of tutorials on youtube.

i used a very small stitch to prevent unraveling.
but feel free to use a larger stitch if you are using more heavy duty fabric.
{this took me a while but i just turned on gossip girl and it was actually really relaxing.}

and you're done! 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

faux fur...

does anyone else love this purse???
i found it at h&m before christmas and it was on clearance!
i could not say no.
anything made of faux fur kills me.
that is another style staple that i hope doesn't go away anytime soon! 
along with my leather leggings.
ohh my gosh i practically live in them! 
i try to limit myself to wearing them once a week.
how bad is that?!
seriously, they are my absolute favorite.
and i got them at a thrift store!
i have never been able to find a pair that i love more than these.
if anyone knows of a good affordable brand though- let me know because i'm definitely in need of some new leather! 

top: rue21
faux leather leggings: miley cyrus {thrifted}
shoes: mossimo {thrifted}
hat: forever21
purse: h&m
bracelet: charming charlie

Monday, January 6, 2014

boho love...

the boho chic headband is seriously one of my favorite things ever!!
i desperately hope that they don't go out of style anytime soon. 
one of my favorite places to get the pretty bejeweled styles is francesca's.
they have so many to choose from it's almost impossible to just pick one! 
i put together five hairstyles to go along with the boho chic headband. 
you can achieve so many different looks which is what i love! 


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

hello, 2014...

well happy 2014 everyone!
i decided that this super girly, sparkly, and leopard print outfit was perfect for the new year. 
i got these bottoms {as a christmas gift} from charming charlie.
and i discovered that leopard leggings are extremely hard to pull off when you are short and curvy! 
i completely wish that it was still as stylish as it used to be to wear skirts over leggings. 
a large oversized sweater would have been perfect but of course i don't have one!
i really should have one- everyone has one and they are so cute. 
so i had to get creative and go shopping in my own closet.
and i have to tell you- just about every single item i own was on my floor! 
it took me so long to find a top that went well with the leggings and was still flattering. 
so anyways, this is what i came up with! 
overly feminine outfits are the best- don't you think?
oh, and also- this scarf is from wal mart!
it's really hard to tell from the pictures but there are little gold sequins scattered all over it. 
i absolutely love it.
all of the scarves at wal mart were really cute actually.
sometimes that store can surprise me! 

pink top: petticoat alley via t.j. maxx
underneath top: collective concepts via nordstrom rack
leggings: charming charlie
boots: soda via t.j. maxx
headband: monroe & harlow {here}
scarf: wal mart 
necklace: charming charlie

have a wonderful first week of 2014!!