Monday, December 16, 2013

typography and midnight blue...

ok, so i have to start off by talking about my favorite piece in this outfit- the crossbody bag!
i have been dying over this marc jacobs bag for so long.
so when i saw the one in my pictures on sale at h&m for less than $10- i could not resist!
it looks so much like the marc jacobs bag that i have been drooling over.
so naturally, i like to pretend that my h&m bag is actually marc jacobs.
but really- when i was at h&m last weekend they had so many cute, cute bags that were on sale.
seriously, go there. 
and this blouse i also got from h&m for $6! 
and these pants were from rue21 for less than $10 also.
and these steve madden shoes that i've worn in a couple of posts already i got at a garage sale for less than $5.
so this entire outfit was less than $30!
bargain shopping is the absolute best... 

top: h&m
pants: rue21
shoes: steve madden 
bag: h&m

and just a side story-
and looong story short....
we took our little dog with us while we took these pictures.
we left him in the car with it running and he stepped on the lock button and locked us out!
our cell phones were in the car and it was a sunday so businesses weren't open to let us use their phones!
we also don't have a spare key to this particular car.
oh and it was below freezing out and we weren't dressed appropriately. 
luckily, we found a hispanic mini mart that was open and they actually came to the rescue and drove to our car and helped us open one of the doors without having to call a locksmith. 
it was a crazy adventure!
we were so beyond grateful that they were willing to take their time to come out in the cold and help us.
being kind goes soo far...

so these pictures were taken after all of that happened and i was just about frozen.
a lot of the pictures were actually blurry because i couldn't stop shaking! 
so yeah- don't ever leave your dog in the car while it's running without your phones or a spare key! 

have a good week- it's almost christmas! 

Monday, December 9, 2013

affordable christmas wish list...

christmas list...

1. forever21 // street-chic lovely sweatshirt // $19.80
2. charming charlie // emerald city necklace // $20.00
3. charming charlie // carmel crossbody wristlet // $19.00
4. forever21 // i need lipstick midsize cosmetic bag // $8.80
5. urban outfitters // embellished-cuff beanie // $34.00
6. h&m // fake fur waistcoat // $34.00
7. urban outfitters // quay kittie cat-eye sunglasses  // $40.00
8. h&m jersey skirt // $21.00
9. francesca's // portico trinket dish // $14.00
10. francesca's // denver sequin scarf // $24.00
11. francesca's // hi! & bye! convertible gloves // $18.00
12. charming charlie // crystal bauble satchel  //$39.00

this year i wanted to put together a very affordable christmas list.
i am getting my very own puppy this christmas!
i am going to be adopting her from a shelter in about two weeks.
i am so excited!!
but i am also so thrilled to get other small, pretty items as gifts this year.
my list includes a few of my favorite local stores.
we just got a charming charlie.
does anyone else love this store??
everything inside is just adorable!
i also included some things from francesca's because there is nothing there that i don't want.
and also h&m, forever21, and urban outfitters.
i am loving anything this season with jewels or glitter.
i am also loving emerald green!
and fur, and blush pink, and on and on.
i hope that you all are enjoying your christmas shopping!


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

december style...

 ok, so first off i just want to say that if anyone happened to be on my blog over the last few days and clicked on any links or pictures and were redirected to spam websites- i'm sorry, it's because i was hacked.
having your blog hacked is a horrible feeling.
so i just wanted to let everyone know who has a blogger account and isn't using the google 2-step verification yet- get it now!
it's so easy and so fast.
but ok- on to better things...
i have been dying to wear red and gold for the christmas season.
i found these shoes at a thrift store last weekend and they are a half size too small but i don't even care!
they are so chrsitmasy...
i love them.
and i thought that this shirt was perfect as well.
i found it at rue21 for only $6!
i have been wearing rue21 a lot lately because it's the only store in my town and so, so cheap.
and i'm really starting to love the place.
and if you are looking for an extra holiday touch- this headband from monroe & harlow is just perfect! 

 top: rue21
pants: fragile via t.j. maxx
shoes: merona (thrifted)
belt: calvin klein via marshalls
headband: monroe & harlow here
purse: marc jacobs via nordstrom rack

enjoy the rest of your week!