Saturday, February 4, 2012

when two worlds collide

one of the looks that i think is totally adorable is when you mix two types of outfits into one.
for example, in this outfit i took some nice pants, a fancy vest and heels and mixed it with more of a "hardcore" tee and jewelry with some dark eye makeup.
i call it my classy meets rocker look!
if you keep this in mind, you'd be surprised by how many different outfits you can come up with in that closet of yours...

tee shirt: affliction (bought at
vest: express
pants: gap
shoes: bcbg girls (bought at macy's)
accessories: macy's

one of these "bracelets" is actually a wrapped up necklace.

have a wonderful week everyone!!


  1. Awesome! I like to mix the girly and rocker styles.

  2. i love this outfit!
    items that i would never be able to put together
    but you did A GREAT JOB!

    MELINA ♥

  3. Gorgeous! This is such a lovely outfit :) xx

  4. Adorable!!! And can we talk about how BLUE and GORGEOUS your eyes are?! Such a great post!

  5. Your EYES are seriously amazing girl. You look FANTASTIC!!! LOVE!!


  6. Thank you ALL for your sweet sweet comments!!!