Saturday, February 11, 2012

take me back...

with spring on the way, i couldn't help but blog about an outfit involving shorts!
i went to forever21 a few weekends ago and bought myself a romper.
i've never had one before, but i found this one for less than 7 dollars in one of their clearance bins.
they were practically giving it to me.
it always shocks me how you can't go into any popular stores now without being bombarded with eighties styles.
i remember my sophomore year of high school, we had eighties day for homecoming week.
i went to the mall and searched every single store.
i couldn't find a single peice of clothing that looked like it was from the eighties.
But today, eighties day would just look like any other day.
this honestly is the only item i own though that fits into the eighties category.
i just can't seem to find my groove with the trend right now.
but so far, i'm liking this.
maybe i'll go back for more... 

romper: forever21
top: downeast basics
shoes: miss bisou (i think i got them at macy's, i can't remember!)
belt and sunglasses: rue21
accessories: jessica simpson, aeropostale, and maurices


  1. You are just too darn pretty! Love the cute outfit. And the chic sunglasses!

  2. You are so cute! And I agree with you, I just can't get into this 80's style trend.

  3. You are such a gorgeous lady!! And loving the outfit and the sunny blonde hair :) Love your blog! Newest reader :)

  4. that is a very cute romper.

    and i love those sun glasses.

  5. I usually despise rompers, and I seriously love how you've styled the whole outfit. So cute!

  6. Much good perfection blog, boa they postact.
    That the Sir our God comes to bless you still more.

  7. Love the little romper! I totally get what you mean by being so excited to wear shorts! I'm from CA and went to school in Rexburg for 2 years and would ACHE to wear shorts after Christmas. Enjoy your weekend in Vegas also!!

  8. I love your romper! I have always wished I could pull those off but my torso is so long that they never fit! HAHA but you rock it! I just came across your blog, you are gorgeous and have great style! These are great pictures, have a good week!

    Allie Ruth Morris

  9. You are seriously adorable. Just found your blog and excited to start reading....looooveee your style! :)

  10. as usual
    you look GORGEOUS!

    i love rompers
    and forever always has the cutest ones

    cant wait for spring myself!

    MELINA ♥

  11. You are so beautiful! I love your big, blue eyes <3

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    xoxo Heidi Caterina

  12. you are so pretty and adorable outfit! i love the picture sitting on the bench.

  13. Omg loooove that romper! Sooooo cute

  14. You are so cute and tiny! I'd wear cute little rompers too if I had your cute bod.

    Love your blog!


  15. love it! can't wait for spring.