Wednesday, February 1, 2012

vegas...we are coming baaaack!

okay, so i'm going to get a little off topic here, but...
i can't believe that spring is almost here!
with every new season, i always wonder how i could have possibly thought that the season prior was my favorite.
yeah, i'm one of those indecisive people that can't decide on a real favorite.
for example, if you were to drive with me in a car you might get sick of me saying, "oh turn it up, this is my favorite song!"
i've been told by a few people that i can't say that about every song.
(how rude.)
i think it's a good thing.
it just means that i've got a lot of love in me!
but all of this talk is besides the point of this post (the one that i am writing instead of reading my geography book- which i will be angry at myself for in the morning. thank you to those who have taught me that procrastination is okay- you know who you are...)
i just wanted to share about how happy i am for spring to be on it's way.
the sunny, clear skies, and 50 degree weather is just too exciting for me. 
i keep pushing it with wearing thin sweaters instead of my coat and rolling down my car window while driving- both of which i immediately regret.
i just have to be pateint for a few more weeks.
it's times like these that i feel so blessed to live in idaho where we are able to experience all four seasons.
but anyways, seriously now...
very soon (ten days to be exact), i will be in st. george, utah visiting my boyfriend.
which i am even way more excited about than spring!
since st. george is just a short little drive from vegas, we will be spending an evening full of sin city.
okay, so we will probably just go to dinner and a show.
maybe some dancing.
maybe more....
cause you know what they say....
what happens in vegas, stays in vegas!
just kidding.
we really are only going to dinner and a show.
but still, vegas is the one excuse that girls have to dress like a hoochie mamma, even if you are just going to dinner and a show.
so i'll be hoochin' it up.
(but in a classy way...really.)
so i was going over a list of things in my head this morning that are essential for my evening in vegas (but really, things that are essential for any evening out.)
and i was thinking, i really could never live without these things- so i should blog about them!
there are lots of products and accessories that play a part in acheiving a fabulous look.
i'm just going to share with you my top 6...
warning: they are a bit pricey- i don't normally spend a lot of money on beauty products but these are a few things that i think are worth splurging on.

so first, i have to introduce to you to, the miracle of mystic tanning...
i'm sure that most of you have already discovered spray tanning.
isn't it the greatest?
really, life would be easier if uv tanning wasn't so dangerous to our skin.
but it is, so we have to resort to other ways of staying beautifully golden brown.
(especially if you are naturally very pale, like myself- it can be a bummer.)
i go to palm beach tan, where i can get a month's worth of unlimited mystic tans for around $60.
it's definitely a bit pricey, but some things are just worth the extra cash.
for those who aren't willing to spend that much, which is totally understandable, here is a link to a product that i have used and loved for years!

my second i-would-die-without product...

bronze goddess soft shimmer bronzer by estee lauder.
i swear by this bronzer.
and i don't swear by a lot of things.
this was another item that was originally stolen from my mom.
gosh, i am so sorry again mom.
i have gone back several times and re-stocked on this stuff.
i get it from dillards, around $30.
eeek, i know, kind of expensive for bronzer.
but the color is so pretty and natural and it doesn't fade.
there is also a lot, so it will last you for quite a while.
i wear it every single day on my face and chest.
never had a bronzer quite like it...

my third (and probably favorite) item....
my "diorshow" mascara.
now this i really do swear by, even more than the last product.
i'm very lucky to have naturally long eyelashes, but it was never brought to my attention before i started wearing this stuff.
i am constantly being asked now if my eyelashes are fake.
that's really all that there is to it- this stuff is awesome!
it makes your eye lashes so thick and long and it doesn't flake off.
i get it from sephora around $25.
no alternative for this one.

the fourth love of my life...
my clip-in hair extensions.
these are new for me!
for years i have wanted hair extensions.
for some reason, my hair just never would cooperate and grow for me.
but hair extensions were never an option because they are so expensive.
so the last time i was with my hair dresser she told me about clip-in extensions.
i seriously went and got some the very next day.
i got them from sally's beauty supply for about $110.
they are like a tenth of the price of regular extensions!
and they look so natural.
i am wearing them in both fashion posts i recently did if you would like to take a looksie.
the ones that i bought are 18 inches.
they are so easy to put in, it takes me about five minutes.
the only downside i must tell you- if you are wearing all eight peices, by the end of the day they can make your head feel somewhat sore.
but i really only wear mine for special occasions, so it doesn't bother me at all.
if you are thinking of taking the hair extension route, look into the clip-ins first!

and for one that we all know and love...

i've used these babies for years.
i've used bleaching kits from my dentist and also have experimented with other store bought brands, and nothing beats these.
i believe they're about $40 at wal mart.
there are cheaper kits made by crest, but what i love about the professional effects is that you see results very fast and they also whiten your teeth to the very tip-top extreme.
you just have to stay consistent with them.
it's worth it though, i promise.

and here's my very last essential for vegas...

a forever21 little scandalous dress.
forever21 has the best dresses for going out and they are soo cheap!
i think the one that i bought to wear was under $20.
so thankful that boise finally got one of these stores...

so there you have it.
what would you take to vegas?



  1. how exciting love!
    i just came back from Vegas on
    Monday .. i had a blast! :)
    just so you know .. take cardigans and
    coats but also take shirts and outfits
    you can take layers of during the day
    because it gets hot and it gets cold
    out of nowhere!

    have fun!

    MELINA ♥

  2. hey gorgeous :D
    i put up the pictures on today's post :)
    get a little preview of all the fun that you will have soon ♥

  3. I grew up just down the street from Vegas. LOVE it there! Love your blog and I can't wait to keep reading :)

  4. Have fun in Vegas!! I actually used to live there :) Except when you live there, you can't always dress like a hooch b/c it's all the time and then people really just think you're a hooch haha :):) It was so much fun living there. I'm sure you guys will have so much fun! I'm a huge Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess fan. Makes my pale Irish skin look somewhat tan!

    All the Best, MademoiselleMichael

  5. Ooh, I love bronzer also. I think even sometimes I can wear a bit too much, haha.
    I am also going to have to try this mascara. I'm always looking for one that I can fall in love with.
    Thanks for posting (:

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