Tuesday, January 10, 2012

oh christmas, how i miss you so..

i know we are so past christmas now.
but i was just editing some pictures for another project that i'm working on and i thought some of them would be fun to show on here. 
this christmas was rather quiet for us.
we didn't travel to see family in california.
and most of our local family was out of town. 
but it was still great.
we spent a few days in nampa.
there was plenty of eating, playing games, watching movies, and just enjoying each others' company.
the day after christmas i am always so bummed.
i already miss the christmas music, the hustle and bustle of shoppers, wishing for snow, and the excitement of presents under the tree.
but i am so glad for pictures to remind me of the sweet memories that were made.
i wish i would have had this blog at the time, because then i'm sure i would have taken a lot more pictures.
but here is what i (and my mom) happened to catch during our christmas.

what's the best part of christmas eve?
opening up pajamas!

are we surprised that ryan got ninja turtle socks in his stocking?
no, we're really not!

my amazing boyfriend took me shopping for clothes for my christmas gift.
that's a whole other story in itself.
anywho, here are some of the new additions to my closet.
which is always open to expanding.
just sayin'...

oh my mom was so stoked it was christmas.

oh, my dear quelf.
you made my christmas.
really, though.
if you don't have this game, you seriously should look into getting it.
i can't even explain how great it is.
i had planned on taking pictures of my family doing crazy, embarrassing things throughout the game.
bur after the first round i was given a rule card that made me keep my hands on top of my head.
for a really long time.
my arms were very sore.
and it only got worse from there.
so the idea of taking pictures kind of went out the window.
but i did get a few at the start of the game...

my sweet grandma.
i believe she was supposed to act like a weeping willow and hum a sad song.
or something like that.
however, she doesn't look so weepy does she?

here my dad was probably reading the card that told him he had to slap his knee and say "wakka, wakka, wakka!" everytime he laughed.
one of my favorite parts of the whole game!

hmm... i can't remember what they were laughing at here, but i can only imagine it was something awesome.

and that's the end of my game pics.
here are a few random...

my beautiful emily.
who now looks and acts older than me.
how does that happen with baby cousins?
it makes me so sad but proud at the same time.

ah..the greatest grandpa in the world.
(tied with my granddad).
he does everything for his family.
he is even the reason why we are all carrying a few extra pounds right now.
and for that grandpa, i am just a little mad at you...

i was so lucky this christmas.
i got so many amazing gifts.
one of my favorites was this juicy coin purse.
i've only owned one other juicy couture item in my life and that was a pair of flip flops that i bought when i was a nanny in texas.
it was about time that i added to my collection.

is it a purse?
it's a camera bag.
my mom is so talented.
so she bought me this purse and then made an insert to go inside that would hold my camera, extra lenses, chargers, etc.
it is pretty much the cutest little camera bag ever!
here's the inside...

i am so lucky to have a mother that sews.
cause this is definitely something that i would never be able to make.
i wish i could.
but i just can't sew.
she even made me the most adorable camera straps.
maybe someday i can get her to visit my blog to share how she made them. 
but for now, this is all that i've got.
i hope that your christmas was wonderful too.


  1. Megan, you are just too cute! We had so much fun! I love having you in our home at Christmastime--well, anytime! It makes Christmas special for us to have you here! Love you, and love your blog!


  2. Thank you grandma- I will be back very soon!

  3. So many sweet pictures in this post! Looks like you had a great Christmas with your family. Glad I found your blog today! :)

    Courtney Lane