Friday, January 6, 2012

dream home, anyone?

i remember when i was little and my mom would turn on hgtv.
i would moan, roll my eyes and beg and plead for her to turn the channel.
funny how things change isn't it?
because now it is one of my very favorite channels.
if you're not tuned into hgtv, you are seriously missing out.
wow, i never thought i would say that!
but okay let me get to the point here.
hgtv has about the biggest, baddest giveaway ever.
yes, the baddest!
at the beginning of every year they give away a home (along with everything in it, i must add).
but not just any home, it's a dream home!
and i mean that literally.
i would know because i have a strong addiction to day dreaming.
and the hgtv dream home always sets the stage for so many of my day dreams!
(i hope this isn't sounding weird.)
so to me, the hgtv dream home is truly, well, dreamy.
for a whole entire year the hgtv dream home team designs, builds, and decorates a home.
and each year they get better and better.
my favorite part is that they keep the location completely secret until the reveal.
this year's dream home is in...
drumroll please (if you don't already know)...
 ...park city, utah!
was that as exciting for you as it was for me?
ahhhh... i already dream of park city.
doesn't it seem meant to be?!?!
i'm feelin' that this is my year.
so here's the scoop if you don't already know.
you can enter to win twice daily.
you have until february 17th, 2012.
you can enter once on and once on
you can follow my links, they will take you straight to the place!
along with the house, you will also recieve a brand new gmc terrain, and $500,000.
seriously, could it get any better?!
i mean really, how could you not sign up?
so, here are some pictures for you to drool over.
let the dreams begin.

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  1. I can't believe I haven't entered yet! Thanks for the reminder Megan. And if I win, you can come and visit as often as you want. Love ya