Thursday, January 12, 2012

a little bling goes a long way

if your makeup bag is like mine was, it's probably full of pencil shavings, stray hairs, dried globs of mascara, and covered in a coat of excess foundation and powders.
so for your sake, i hope it isn't like mine!
but it was clear, my time for a new makeup bag had finally arrived.
when i walked into francesca's last week while shopping in the mall, i found this little beauty-

this bag and i instantly had a connection.
but i thought something was missing.
there needed to be a button in the middle of the flower.
or something.
don't you agree?

it was just a little too "blah" for my taste.
but i saw some serious potential.
so i bought it, and rushed home to fix it.
and here's what i did...

i applied a button or two, or well, nine.
so i got a little carried away...
but that's just what i do, and i'm ok with it.
four out of the nine, however, are scrapbooking rhinestones.
i just used hot glue to adhere my "bling".
turns out, hot glue doesn't stick to metal that well.
so i got kind of sloppy to make the rhinestones work.
note to self- buy metal glue.
but there you have it.
now you have no excuse for those accessories that are somewhat blah-ish.
and this only took me all of about ten whole minutes- if even that.
and i love it so much, i even keep it out on my bathroom counter!


  1. that's beautiful and I love what u added to it, it gives it a personal touch. great job =)

  2. So lovely! That's pretty enough to carry as a clutch, really.

  3. I love it, Megs! You are so creative!

  4. Thank you everyone for your sweet comments!