Saturday, January 7, 2012

a deeper look

so i promised that i would give more details about my bedroom.
so i hope you're ready.
because today is the day!
so here we go...
believe it or not, this was a stocking stuffer last christmas.
ok, well kind of.
it wasn't actually stuffed inside of my stocking, but it was sitting underneath.
yes i know, i am 21 and i still get a stocking.
it's my favorite part of christmas morning.
and it will be forever.
my mom and dad got this sign for me from good goods & co. in boise (glenwood ave).
if you haven't been to this cute little gift shop, you should definitely make a trip sometime soon.
the store is full of handmade pretties like this one.

 so this piece was a bargain!
if you're not shopping at ross, tj maxx, or marshalls you are probably spending too much moolah...
i bought this hutch from ross for less than $60.
at least i'm pretty sure of it (it was over a year ago).
i bought it on clearance because there were some chips in the wood.
but here's the trick- use sandpaper to make the rest of the peice looked antiqued, and it will blend right in!
i believe that most everything is cuter antiqued anyways.
this was actually one of the first things that i bought for my apartment in coeur d'alene, so it's pretty dang special!
and adorable, right?
i keep all of my dvds and books inside.
it's just perfect.

so this was something that i actually did myself.
i bought some sheer curtains from wal mart and decided they were a little drab once i put them up.
my mom had just been to the quilt store and had brought home some adorable fabrics.
she cut them in strips and that's when i got this brilliant idea!
at least i thought it was brilliant.
i just tied a knot around each ring and trimmed the ends so that they were even.
and voila!
now my curtains have some serious character.

this chair was bought at a second hand store in coeur d'alene.
i'm not sure of the price, but it couldn't have been more than $20.
isn't it so charming?
and the great thing is, we didn't even have to paint it.
it was already painted this awesome teal color.
we just antiqued it a little bit with sandpaper and threw on a cute pillow.
the pillow i bought at peir 1 imports.
it definitely helps with the chair's comfort!

an addition that i later made to my chair are these buttons.
there were empty holes here and my mom thought that it was a perfect spot for some buttons.
what would i do without her great advice?
so we set out for jo-ann fabrics and found these little shabby chic babies.
we just filled the holes with hot glue and inserted the buttons.
such an easy way to add character!

here is another treasure that my mom found at a second hand store.
who would have thought you could find so many cute things at second hand stores?
definitely not i!
but it really is a great way to find unique peices of furniture.
this table was originally an ugly brown color.
so the key to being successful in second hand stores is having an eye for what the peice could be.
 we got some pink spray paint from hobby lobby (i beleive the color was ballet slipper).
we used spray paint because we first attempted the project with regular paint and it was taking way too long.
so we sprayed and then sanded!

isn't this so cute?!
i just got it this year for christmas so i am still super excited about it.
there's actually another wing to make a pair, but there was just not enough room for it in my room.
so this was bought at francesca's in the mall.
it's a brand new store and if you haven't been there, you seriously need to go.
it is such a great addition to the boise mall.
so anyways, here's the story.
i went shopping with my mom and pointed out the wings to her.
i thought that maybe i would get them for christmas, but i didn't want to get my hopes up.
my dad met my mom at the mall that night so that they could get some christmas shopping done.
i was really hoping that she would convince him to get the wings.
a couple days later, kaleo and i went back to the mall to do some christmas shopping of our own.
i went into francesca's hoping that the wings were gone, meaning that my mom and dad had bought them.
sure enough, they were gone!
i realized that anyone could have picked them up, but i just had a feeling that anyone was my mom and dad.
i was so right.
they had gone straight back to francesca's after i left.
i'm so good ;)

so one of my favorite things to buy are handles.
if you go to stores like hobby lobby or anthropologie, you will be sure to find handles that are nearly impossible to live without.
this particular handle i bought at hobby lobby (much cheaper than anthropologie).
i had bought a desk for my apartment in coeur d'alene from target.
it was just plain white.
cute, but rather boring.
when i redecorated my bedroom i thought it was time to dress up this desk with a handle.
and that's how it came to be.
just another easy way to add character.
so for the sake of time, (and completely boring you) i will close this little post.
i took a lot more pictures that i wanted to share but i will save that for another day.
i hope this post was able to give you some ideas if you are about to venture on a redecoration project.

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  1. Meg I love all the little details you have added to your room. These are the things that make something ordinary-extraordinary!