Sunday, November 4, 2012


on my way down to southern california i stopped for a few days in st. george, utah to spend some time with kaleo.
i've always wanted to go to zion national park and so he finally took me!
we were sort of in a rush since we had to wait until he was out of his football meetings to go.
we had to drive fairly quick through the park to see as much as we could before it got dark.
we didn't get to go to some of the areas that we had planned on seeing, but it was still so beautiful! 
my favorite part, however, was the adorable little town of springdale that you have to drive through to get to the park. 
it was full of rustic charm- it's streets lined with antique shops, gift shops, cozy cafes, and restaurants.
on our way back through we stopped at the zion pizza & noodle co. to have pasta.
it was so cute and i would have taken pictures if it wasn't dark out!
(i've had my nikon for like three years now and i still don't know how to take night pictures- stupid, i know.)
but we had so much, like always...
we will definitely be going back!
his professional photographer pose ;) 

 and most likely, when you give a boy your camera he will abuse the privileges and something like this will show up! 

ok, so kind of a -you had to be there to find it as funny as we did- story...
as we were driving through the park i saw the most perfect picture spot so i made kaleo stop the car so that i could take some pictures.
being no parking spots, we just thought it would be cool to pull off to the side of the road.
no big deal.
twenty minutes later as we're walking back to our car we notice, it's half in the road. 
(totally was worse than it looks in the picture).
i start dying laughing, seriously i just thought it was the funniest thing ever.
 we stop walking, being too embarrassed to claim that the car is ours.
we watch for a while as cars have to slow down and wait for oncoming traffic to pass so that they can get around our car.
so we decide to play it cool and continue to walk slowly to the car.
we were like- wow, who's that idiot who parked his car in the road? 
and then when no one was watching and there were no cars, we ran to the car, slammed our doors, and drove off as fast as we could.
 you just had to be there...


it is my day off and i am off to south coast plaza for some shopping and (hopefully) maybe some celebrity watching- fingers crossed! 


  1. I love this kind of famiy pics!

  2. Thanks for following my blog! Love the photos- you are so adorable :)

  3. Looks like you guys had a great time. Random, I know, but I love how your hair looks in all of these photos! Lots of volume :) XO Kait

  4. magic pics!! ; ))

    i invite to me too

  5. that is funny how much you are in the roadway, i bet some were not so happy haha

  6. Gorgeous pics! I love every single one!

  7. You have such great hair! Would you do a tutorial with what products you use and how you style it, etc?!