Tuesday, November 6, 2012

welcome to california...

last saturday i arrived in southern california!
i made the move down here to attend cosmetology school at paul mitchell (which i looove... but more on that to come on a different day).
i was instantly greeted by my amazing family who lives just a short drive away. 
on saturday night after moving me into my new house, my cousin and her husband took me out to dinner in downtown huntington beach.
i've been coming to southern california for years and i had never been to huntington.
i loved it so much that my family took me back the very next day for lunch!
we ate at fred's mexican cafe, which was delicious.
i get weak at the knees for any restaurant that serves you free chips and salsa...
we were seated outside with the most awesome beach view. 
it was such a warm day and the beach was so crowded; which i couldn't believe since i was just coming from the cold and wet idaho weather.
my thought: why would anyone want to live anywhere other than southern california?
and i continue to ask myself that question every day...

i love huntington.

and i get to see my family again this weekend for another beach lunch date :)



  1. I wish I was there with you in the sunshine and enjoying our crazy family!

  2. enjoy the california life now! happy for you and envious all at the same time (:

  3. Enjoy our sunny (despite today!) weather here. :) And yes, Huntington is great...with that said I should go back there soon. Haven't gone in months. :(

  4. what city is your school in? we are probably not too far from one another! welcome to so cal!

  5. In california must be beautiful weather. Enjoy this.!
    Great blog.! I followed you. Maybe you want do the same.? ♥

  6. nice blog.
    Can we follow each other?

  7. Nice pics!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!



  8. All I can say is, we miss you in wet, cold Idaho!!! (Where did you get the wet from?) Enjoy! Tell JoAnn and family hello from your Idaho family, okay?
    Love ya!