Thursday, June 7, 2012

this could be trouble...

nordstrom rack has come to boise.
it happened in april.
i stayed very strong and walked into the store only once after it opened to buy my mom a gift card for her birthday.
i desperately wanted to save my money to spend while in california (a trip that i just got back from three days ago).
i tend to always spend all of my money buying clothes right before my vacations and then i always regret it because shopping happens to be my favorite thing to do while on vacation.
i didn't let myself shop.
the weekend before our trip, i went to the rack with my mom so that she could spend her money.
four hours later, i walked out of this dangerous store with a maxed out credit card.
oh, but i didn't just stop there.
i found another nordstrom rack in california and i continued to rack up my bill.
so, lesson learned:
me+nordstrom rack+credit card=baddd news 
or, maybe not...

entire outfit: nordstrom rack
top: collective concepts
cardi: abound
bottoms: paige
shoes: steve madden
purse: marc by marc jacobs

 and this post is especially special to me because my pictures were taken by this boy...


  1. You are so beautiful! Those clothes definitely look worth it xxx

  2. amazing!!

  3. So cute outfit! I adorrrreee your hair, it's perfect!

  4. It's such a cute outfit and I love love love your hair!!

    Glam Mania...!!

  5. Gorgeous! You look amazing in this outfit, I love everything about it

  6. Awesome blog! Now following you.
    Mind to follow back dear?

  7. we don't have nordstrom rack around here. after seeing this post, i think that's a good thing!

  8. cute :-))

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  9. i love everything about this outfit! you're adorable :)

  10. just come across your blog and i love your style verry prittie and i love this outfit very colourful and cute x