Saturday, April 21, 2012

a must-have for spring/summer

top: iris basic (ross)
sweater: down east basics outlet (favorite store in st. george!)
shorts: klique b (bohme)
shoes: bcbgeneration (marshalls)
sunglasses: steve madden (dillards)
watch: michael kors (recent b-day gift from my boyfriend)

some days, i wish i was a little taller.
barely reaching 5'2" is an outward quality that i seem to have a love/hate relationship with.
i love being little, and i love being able to wear heels and still be smaller than my boyfriend.
but sometimes, i just wish these legs were a little longer. 
especially when shorts weather comes along.
cause let's face it, it's hard to pull off heels with a pair of shorts.
there's a dangerous line there that we don't want to cross.
i wanted to find a way to wear shorts and heels at the same time without crossing into risque territory.
(a more harmless option would probably be to buy a pair of longer shorts, but hey, i'm a short-shorts type of girl.)
so as soon as the warm weather started appearing, i was on a mission to find a pair of classy wedges that would keep me on the safe side of the line. 
wedges are perfect, because for one- they are much more comfortable than a pair of stilettos, and two- they have a much more subtle look.
i also had my eye out for a pair in nude; cause it really is nice to have a pair of shoes that matches with nearly every outfit in your closet.
i searched high and low in nearly every shoe section of every store.
it wasn't until i stopped into marshalls that i found this beautiful little pair.
and of course, on a great sale!
 they are the perfect girly addition to a warm weather outfit.


  1. Daaaaannnnngggg girl!!

  2. You look great! No worries about being short, you can't tell in the photos! I am also 5'2". Love the aviators!

  3. super watch !!!

  4. Darling, you look fabulous! Great shots. Love the outfit!! :)

    lauren rebecca

  5. Lovely outfit, great! Followed your blog xoxo

  6. You are sooooo~~~ pretty and all of your looks are so stylish!! :D I love your blog, would you like to follow eachother?

  7. You're such a sweet little thing! I love all your pics :)

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  8. even if you have lil legs, you are pretty as can be!

  9. It's a great outfit...perfect for spring and summer brunches!!!! :)

  10. this is such a fun and girly look. you look wonderful, i love the little bird cage and i wish i had your long legs :) xx

  11. i have that tank from ross as well. such a cute outfit!
    and, you look way taller than 5'2. some days i wish i was that height!

  12. Pretty cute, Megs! Love you! Grams

  13. Looking fab as always sweets! :) Oh and thank you so much for following me :) Hopefully you´ll enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy yours:)

    Ha ha I have the same love/hate relationship with my height, I´m 1.73, and actually it´s just a hate relationship:p I mean I can´t wear superhigh heels, or just heels in general, which I love! I look like an amazon woman.. And I get taller than my boyfriend when we´re going out and such:(

    I guess some people compliment my height, but.. seriously I have platform heels in my closet and I just can´t wear them. hehe. I´m sure it´s the better way around!:P
    But ofc, I see your point, and everybody wants what they cant have, right? :p

    But hey, you got the figure too so you can pull off being a little shorter for sure ;)

  14. I love wedges with shorts. Helps to make your legs look long without looking trashy. Your outfit is super cute, by the way :)


    Jenna @

  15. Cute outfit! Wanted to let you know I'm hosting a vegan protein powder giveaway :)

  16. Hello. Very pretty blog you have. And i love your hair on the pictures! I follow you now, follow me bakc if you enjoy my blog. (-:

    love from denmark.


  17. what a beauty! so sweet, love it! follow each other?xoxo

  18. omg, you look amazing. Adore this outfit. Fabulous post, love. When you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post for xo

  19. Amazing outfit!!!


  20. I was looking at your pictures thinking she is so cute and short! YES! I am a little over 5 feet (every tiny bit counts)and I love seeing what other short girls wear. You rocked those shorts and wedges! Just found your blog, newest follower! I would love if you could check out ours.
    - Christy

  21. Love this outfit you look great!
    Amazing blog following now! :) x