Sunday, June 24, 2012

cali trip via instagram+pixlromatic

southern california has always been somewhat like heaven to me.
ever since I was little we have spent weeks during our summers and christmases there, visiting our family.
it’s always been a happy place for me to be.
but now that I’m older, it’s different.
now it’s a place that helps me to escape from reality.
all of the stress and worries of my everyday life just seem to fade away while I’m there.
to me it’s a reminder of how big this world really is, and how many opportunities really are out there.
and the feeling of being surrounded by my family- there’s nothing quite like it.
i’d never trade it for anything…

usually we go in july, when the weather is hot.
but this year we had to go a month early for my cousin’s wedding.
sadly, it wasn’t warm enough to spend the majority of our days lying on the beach like we usually do.
I usually come home looking like a lobster from my stubbornness to put on any sunscreen while lying out for hours.
this time though, I came home niiice and white.
we still had an incredible time though.
we got to hit up disneyland, hollywood, beverly hills, san diego, and my favorite…laguna beach.
the wedding was on a boat in newport harbor.
it was beautimous!
i tend to leave california with my head up in the clouds and it is very hard to adjust back to good ole idaho living.  
it’s been a few weeks and i still have not adjusted…

i hadn’t planned on making a video from the pictures of this trip.
so during our last two days, we were so exhausted and tired of pulling out our phones to take pictures that our picture taking basically came to a stop.
but here’s just a little peak into some of the fun that was had!
(sorry in advance for the not-so-great quality. it’s youtube’s fault.)

and this next one is just for funsies.
this is how to do the robot on a very empty dance floor...


  1. Megan you're absolutely amazing and gorgeous and I love you tons!!! Please come back now I miss our fun crazy family times together =)

  2. ;-)) ;-))

  3. I love reading your posts, never stop blogging lovely :)

  4. glad you had a nice trip, usually july is when its super nice out but sounds like you already know that :)

  5. glad you had a nice trip, usually july is when its super nice out but sounds like you already know that :)

  6. I just nominated you for the Liebster award, can't wait to read your answers!!!!