Monday, October 14, 2013

magnetic alphabet letters...

two months since i last blogged!
life has been so crazy.
i cannot believe that it is already october....
this time last year i was preparing to move to southern california.
now i'm back home in idaho- to stay this time! 
i have always had this urge to leave home and experience new places, but i always come right back.
i love my home. 
i love idaho.
and i am so thankful for all of the opportunities that i have had to travel and live in other states.
i absolutely recommend to anyone to travel while they are young and still can.
it is the greatest thing.
but ok, on to my diy!
i found this idea here.
inspired by charm did a beautiful and in-depth tutorial on this little project.
i just decided to do a slightly cheaper and quicker version since i'm on a budget and a time crunch!
i actually made these magnetic letters for my boyfriend's new apartment.
he lives right in the heart of downtown boise in a charming sixth floor apartment.
and of course he is all-boy and turned down just about every cute idea that i came up with for decorating! 
but luckily i was able to get him on board with these magnetic letters.
his kitchen is actually really small and a little drab so i thought it needed some character. 

so i got the magnets for like $1 at target.
but make sure that you get more than one pack because i only got one and discovered when i got home that there is only one of each vowel. 
and that makes it nearly impossible to spell anything.
the spray paint i got at wal mart. 
i had never used metallic spray paint before and it was actually so much fun.
(for a better quality paint job, inspired by charm also used a primer.)

i spray painted my letters outside on an old shopping bag- which i would not recommend because it was not big enough...
take the time to find something bigger to spray paint on, sometimes haste only makes waste! 
i did just a few coats.
inspired by charm also turned the magnetic letters upside down (magnet facing up) and spray painted them.
i didn't have time to do them upside down so i just decided to embrace the bits of color left in the corners that my spray paint couldn't reach. 
i felt like it added a bit of a vintage touch; as well as the paint scratches and chips that come along with handling the magnets. 

and here they are- completed! 
i love them, i think that they are adorable.
such a fun touch to any kitchen!

have a good week everyone!

p.s- i have a friend that just started her blog.
she is absolutely gorgeous and i'm telling you that she is going to make it big in this blogging community, so check her out! 


  1. Very pretty and creative! gotta try this! :) <3

  2. I love the look of the gold on the white fridge! So clever :)

  3. I LOVE THIS!! So making these for myself when the daughter is no longer playing with them :)

  4. I absolutely love this, not to mention you look adorable, love your outfit :)

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  5. love this idea!!! You are GORGEOUS!!!