Tuesday, October 29, 2013


i can't believe that it's almost november! 
i have to say that i am sooo excited.
i am waiting so impatiently for the day after thanksgiving so that i can start listening to christmas music and watching christmas movies.
i won't even let mysef pin anything that relates to christmas yet! 
i am dying.
but anyways.
this weekend was our very last bit of warm weather.
i'm not so sure it's going to get above the 50's around here anymore.
so i definitely took the opportunity to wear my short sleeve shirt and sleeveless vest to enjoy the last little bit of warm sun on my arms. 
and check out the fall colors in these pictures.
i mean, i miss california and all- but nothing beats these colors.
they make my heart so, so happy. 
and seeing leaves in the streets just washes away all my troubles.
i love fall...

top: downeast basics
vest: h&m
leggings: h&m
shoes: jessica simpson via dillards
turban: monroe & harlow (check out all of her headbands and accessories here!)
necklace: heavenly couture 
bracelet: t.j. maxx

(this is what happens when you wear heels in a field filled with leaves!)


  1. You are seriously the cutest! I miss ya...I think you should come and visit the warmth! :) Im glad that I am not the only one who is SUPER excited for Christmas! Love your blog! You do an awesome job beautiful girl!!

  2. Love the shoes, too. So pretty!

    Kate from Clear the Way
    (I’m currently running a giveaway for some gorgeous jewelry, if you’re interested.)