Monday, October 15, 2012

dear fall, i will miss you.

 in less than two weeks, i will be living in southern california.
although i am so excited to live just a few miles from the beach where it is sunny and warm year-round, i will miss the changes that come with each season.
especially fall.
in fact, i just found out that i will be spending thanksgiving this year with my california relatives at the beach.
thanksgiving at the beach...?
as wonderful as it sounds, it just doesn't seem right.
and oh man, what am i going to do when christmas time comes around and i can't wake up each morning hoping the streets are covered in snow??
i guess i'll just have to go to the beach and get over it!  
i think i will survive :)

here's to fall...

 top: h.i.p. via t.j. maxx
leggings: mossimo via target
boots: wild diva via amazon
scarf: maurices
clutch: diy (see here)
necklace: forever21
watch: michael kors via dillards


  1. Love these pics! So beautiful! xx.

  2. the outfit looks so cute.
    congrats on the move.
    that's so exciting!

  3. You are too precious! Love the outfit!! And I'm so jealous that you'll be moving to So Cal. :) xo

  4. thats cali for ya! were in october and its going to be 100 degrees this week! love your outfit btw the boots are gorgeous! <3


  5. First off. You're GORGEOUS! Second, your outfit is perfect, especially the boots and third, I am unbelievably jealous that you get to live by the ocean!!

  6. I can totally understand being upset for the changing of the season. I would hate to be away from all 4 seasons (especially snow on Christmas) we have here in Kentucky.....however I do often daze about how fun and exciting it would be to live on the beach. Congrats for you and hope it's amazing. Love the outfit... too cute!

  7. OK...I know I've been out of the loop (kind of have had some things going on...) but WHAT??? I kind of just realized that your plans have changed a lot since I last heard. Call or text me kiddo! Love you!

  8. You are gorgeous! Happy to be a new follower!!

  9. love the scarf with the striped shirt!

  10. Oh my, I can't begin to tell you how much we're going to miss you here in Idaho! I'm already sad that you won't be stopping in to spend the night in "your room" like in the past! But, I guess it's time to let you grow up--so, go and enjoy the beach--and the sunshine! But, don't forget to come back home!
    We love you!

  11. LOVE the stripe shirt with the elbow patches ! Cute blog! following you

    Stay fabb xoxo <3

    Hey check out my blog :)

  12. Oh I would miss the snow so much at christamstime!! But, you go ahead, enjoy the beach twice as much for me! I'll be drowning in snow till April:)