Tuesday, August 21, 2012


over the last few weeks i have been nominated twice for the liebster award. i hope there isn't a time limit on this thing, or else i'm probably way overdue. but i will roll with it anyway. thank you to beckawoo and DnG for picking me :) 
so i've never done this before but I believe that the rules go something like this:
  • list 11 things about yourself.
  • answer the 11 questions that your tagger asked you (in this case I will be answering 22).
  • nominate 11 more bloggers for the award (only those with under 200 followers).
  • list 11 questions for those 11 bloggers to answer. 

11 little things about me:

1. i wish that i lived on the beach. i need the beach. sometimes i just feel like a trip to the beach would cure all of my life's problems.

2. i love to be silly. but you have to really get to know me to see that side.

3. i am a perfectionist. it usually annoys the heck out of myself and the people around me, but i don't plan on changing anytime soon. i like everything being perfect ;)

4. i am very over-critical of myself and my work. now that, i wish i could change!

5. i know how to be independent, but i don't like to do things alone.

6. my world would come to a complete stop without my mom and her support. she's helped me to keep my head up and stay excited about life in a pretty difficult time.

7. i love, love, love to buy expensive things. mostly shoes and purses. i have been told many times that I have a "wine taste on a beer budget".  BUT- when i do buy expensive things they are always on sale! i don't like to buy things that aren't on sale.

8. i am addicted to the "quotes" category on pinterest. i would just die without it.

9. i was told the other day that i am indeed a nerd when it comes to all things girly. probably true. but hey, if i'm gonna be a nerd, i'm glad i'm a girly nerd :)

10. i love summer rain. i had my first and probably only taste of rain for this summer just a few nights ago. in that short time of being able to smell the rain and hear it hit the ground, everything felt perfect.

11.  i can't wait for every tuesday night so that I can watch beverly hills nannies. best show ever. well, maybe not the best show ever...but for right now, it is my favorite.  it always makes me smile.

11 questions from DnG:

1. do your friends call you by a nickname?
i get called megs, meggie, meggers, mego, nut meg (that one is made special by my uncle). just all sorts of versions of megan.

2. what's your favorite perfume?
in high school my favorite perfume was still by jennifer lopez. but i haven't been able to find it since :( now I wear fancy by jessica simpson. i don't wear it often though. i prefer the smell of lotion over perfume.

3. which part of your body do you prefer to reveal?
i have to have my neck and chest showing (right above cleavage level). i feel like it makes my face look longer and less round. so turtlenecks and i do not go well together. i also prefer to not wear necklaces because it takes away from that area.

4. lipstick or lipgloss?
definitely lipgloss because lipstick can be a hassle. however, i am definitely not opposed to wearing lipstick- i just prefer lipgloss. a lightly tinted chapstick is usually my favorite though.

5. what's the worst haircut you've ever had?
i can't remember which grade it was, probably fourth or fifth- i wanted my hair cut to a little above shoulder length and my hairdresser gave me a really short bob instead. i was so embarrassed, i immediately tried to put it in a ponytail after i walked out the door, only to be heartbroken that it was too short for a ponytail! i cried.

6. what do you have in your bag?
way too much. i have my wallet, which weighs about ten pounds because i always forget to throw away receipts. tons of random bobby pins and hair accessories. chapstick. notepads and pens. a mini bottle of perfume, it's called lucky (i think), that could also go for question number 2. a small mirror. mini bottle of hairspray (must-have). an extra pair of sunglasses. my phone, always. checkbook. gum. hand sanitizer (also a must-have). And then I always carry a little pouch in my purse where i keep memorabilia like special receipts, movie tickets, etc. and i think that's all. it just depends on the day really, and which bag I have.

7. what type of guy do you like?
hmm, very top things are: athletic (no way around that), confidence (no way around that either), the ability to be silly at times, the perfect mix of cocky and humbleness at the same time (if that makes sense), a big heart, big goals, and above all, the ability and desire to make me feel special- that beats all of the other qualities...put together x100.

8.  what do you wear to look your best on a date?
i'm short, so always heels. on dates i like to go full out on hair and makeup. i try to go for the perfect combination of sexy and cute (as said by steve carell on crazy, stupid, love). i guess it just depends on what you're doing for the date. but i think you should always, always step it up a notch.

9. what would be the perfect gift from a guy to you?
probably one of those- let's just go to the airport and book the next flight out- surprises. that's always been a dream of mine.

10. what are you jealous of on other girls?
umm...it really just depends on the mood that i'm in- height, hair color, lips, etc. usually whatever i'm feeling self conscious about that day.

11. what are you most afraid of?
loving someone who doesn't love you back.

11 questions from beckawoo:

1. what type of music do you like?
all sorts really, except for hard rock or twangy country. what i really love the most though are songs with lyrics that you can relate to on an emotional level. sad songs. love them.

2. what's your favorite quote and why?
wow! i don't think that there could be a more difficult question for me to answer. one that i've been seeing a lot lately that i really love is- "forget all the reasons why it won't work and believe the one reason why it will." that can be applied to so many things in life.

3. xbox or playstation?
i don't really know how to answer this question ;)

4. what film makes you cry the most?
oh gosh. that's hard. i bawl at the end of click, every time. I'm sure there are some that make me cry even more but they are just not coming to mind.

5. what's your natural hair color?
strawberry blonde. i hate it.  

6. where do you shop the most?
tj maxx, baby. close second- nordstrom rack. but let's be honest, you can buy a whole lot more for a whole lot less at tj maxx.

7. what's your day job? 
As of two weeks ago, i don't have one :( i quit my nanny job to start something new in my life. broke my heart.

8. what do you value most in life?
the people who are always there for me. hard to find.

9. what's the craziest thing you have ever done?
skydiving. if i ever had to do it again, i would definitely remember to keep my eyes open.

10. what is your biggest pet peeve?
people chewing in my ear. at least i think that's my biggest... if i really took a lot of time to think about it, i could probably come up with much bigger pet peeves.

11. where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?
well this is definitely a first... i probably wouldn't bury treasure, i would probably keep it in a spot where i could look at it every night.

11 blogs that i think are great and should be nominated:

11 questions for these girls:

1. if you could hold on to just one memory, what would it be?
2. if you could pick anywhere in the world to go right now, where would you choose?
3. what is your dream job?
4. if you could change one thing about your appearance, what would it be?
5. what is your favorite thing about your appearance?
6. if you could choose one person to trade lives with for a day, who would you choose?
7. what is your favorite thing to buy when shopping?
8. if you could go back in time and give yourself one peice of advice, what would it be?
9. what are five qualities that your man must have?
10. what do you love to do in your free time?
11. if you won the lottery, what is the first thing that you would do with your money?

ok yes, finally done!
now because i don't like to submit a post without a picture, i will leave you with a sneak peak of what i hopefully will be posting within the next few days.

an outift post:

and a fun diy project using vintage suitcases:


  1. Thank you so much for the nomination! I'll for sure do it! You look adorable in your picture as usual! Can't wait to see the outfit post!


  2. Looking great!!!!!!!!
    Good job with the award!interesting answers!


  3. congratulations on being nominated! that's fantastic! Had a great time reading your answers :)


  4. Thank you, Meg!! So cute, I'll have to do it soon :)

  5. Thank you for the tag my dear!!
    I love these posts, it's fun to learn tidbits about each other.


  6. thank you, lady!
    tj maxx is definitely the best store, along with marshall's. i am in love because everything is so reasonable, yet fashionable. in fact, i think i'm going to make a trip later today (:

  7. I live 10 minutes from the beach and havent been there in at least a year... something is wrong with that picture