Monday, December 9, 2013

affordable christmas wish list...

christmas list...

1. forever21 // street-chic lovely sweatshirt // $19.80
2. charming charlie // emerald city necklace // $20.00
3. charming charlie // carmel crossbody wristlet // $19.00
4. forever21 // i need lipstick midsize cosmetic bag // $8.80
5. urban outfitters // embellished-cuff beanie // $34.00
6. h&m // fake fur waistcoat // $34.00
7. urban outfitters // quay kittie cat-eye sunglasses  // $40.00
8. h&m jersey skirt // $21.00
9. francesca's // portico trinket dish // $14.00
10. francesca's // denver sequin scarf // $24.00
11. francesca's // hi! & bye! convertible gloves // $18.00
12. charming charlie // crystal bauble satchel  //$39.00

this year i wanted to put together a very affordable christmas list.
i am getting my very own puppy this christmas!
i am going to be adopting her from a shelter in about two weeks.
i am so excited!!
but i am also so thrilled to get other small, pretty items as gifts this year.
my list includes a few of my favorite local stores.
we just got a charming charlie.
does anyone else love this store??
everything inside is just adorable!
i also included some things from francesca's because there is nothing there that i don't want.
and also h&m, forever21, and urban outfitters.
i am loving anything this season with jewels or glitter.
i am also loving emerald green!
and fur, and blush pink, and on and on.
i hope that you all are enjoying your christmas shopping!



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