Sunday, November 17, 2013

cat lady...

i bought this skirt about a month ago and thought that the balck cats were so perfect for halloween!
unfortunately, i didn't get it posted in time.
but i still love it.
i'm constantly trying to push myself to wear things that will make me stand out.
i adore that quality in other girls.
so when i saw this skirt i knew that i had to get it because i really feel like it will catch everyone's eye.
at least i hope so! 

skirt: h&m
sweater: mossimo via target
tank top: abound via nordstrom rack
 tights: h&m
shoes: jessica simpson via marshalls



  1. How cute is this outfit?!! I love that skirt and would wear it any time of the year, although it would have been perfect for Halloween :)
    I agree, I like to wear things that make me stand out plus it's fun to dress like that also! You look gorgeous :)

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  2. Love the skirt....and the tights!!! So cute!

  3. Love this Meg!! You pull off the fun skirt very well! Look at you bold girl! ;)

  4. This is my favorite outfit :) you look so cute and beautiful! Love the cats xo

  5. That skirt is amazing! Love the whole look. You look fabulous!

  6. your outfit is amazing! i am absolutely in love with the kitty skirt :)