Thursday, June 20, 2013

boho inspired...

i couldn't be more thankful for the recent trend in mixing patterns.
as a dirt poor student, i'm hardly ever able to go shopping for clothes.
and i hate it.
it breaks my heart every single time i walk into any store.
so of course i feel as if there is absolutely nothing in my closet to wear. 
it's so frustrating.
but luckily, i'm able to mix and match basically whatever i want to give me more outfit options.
this skirt and top were both bought over a year ago.
and by putting them together- i have a completely new outfit! 
i love that.
and these hippie/behemian headbands, i just couldn't be more in love.
i think they add a little more flare to the mixing patterns trend. 

top: chloe k via nordstrom rack
maxi skirt: maurices
clutch: francesca's
headband: target
bracelet: 36th street garden center (boise)

this last one is an outtake.
clearly my balance on a beam isn't nearly as good as it was when i was younger!


  1. Cute outfit, lovely mix of patterns and shapes!

  2. I love the print mixing trend for the same I was never very good at matching anyway :)

  3. Gorgeous!!!!!!Im Your New Follower!!!

    Chiara xx

  4. I totally understand being a poor student as I'm right there with you :( oh well we'll just have get super creative ;)
    I really love this outfit, that skirt is so unique and maxis and mixing patterns are definitely my favourites this summer!

  5. That maxi skirt is so pretty! I love how unique it is xo

  6. Absolutely wonderful pattern mixing! I've pinned this post :) And being dirt poor can really suck for sure, but at least it is a good exercise of creativity - I am in the same boat :)

  7. This is so cute! I love that the skirt is already kind of mixing patterns on its own! I'm poor too and I hate going into a store and wanting everything but not being able to get anything haha. But playing in your closet is always fun!
    Visiting from the link-up!

  8. You look adorable! Wish I could pull off the headband that well! Great overall look.


  9. Wow - such a cute skirt! And I love your hair. =) Too pretty.

  10. This look is so fun! Clearly, you don't need a lot $$ to look adorable!

    xx Krista

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