Wednesday, March 20, 2013

kick start your spring style with these pretty sale items!

so if you are like me, you walk straight to the sale racks after walking into a store.
and then you feel like since it's on sale, they're practically giving it to you, so how can you pass it up?
sometimes it can be dangerous.
do you look at your receipt and focus on the money that you saved instead of the money that you spent?
when i was younger and my mom would take me shopping, we would always tell my dad first how much we saved. 
however, it never mattered, he was always mad about how much we spent.
but inside i felt sorta victorious because of all the money i saved.
i really don't think there are many things that are better than a good sale.
and if you are on a tight budget like me, but want to spruce up your wardrobe for spring, then check out these items below! 

spring pretties

1. multi-colored fedora from forever21: $10.80 (okay, okay, this hat actually isn't on sale. but it's soo cheap and cute that i thought it should count!) here
2. floral shorts from madewell: now $58.50 here
3. sevin nyne tanning lotion from sephora: now $17.00 here
4. timeless flats from asos: now $30.52 here
5. colorblock cuff from asos: now $20.35 here
6. crystal tulip earrings from asos: now $20.35 here
7. bcbg envelope clutch from victoria's secret: now $44.99 here
8. tory burch floral iphone4 case from shopbop: now $35.00 here
9. blanknyc skinny color jeans from madewell: now $64.50 here
10. skinny patent belt from jcrew: now $29.50 here


  1. Yay im so excited you blogged! Everything here is so cute megan!!


  2. just found your blog and i'm so glad i did!
    i love spring, especially the fashion that goes with! the bright colors just make my heart happy :)

  3. Loving the clutches! I have some floral shorts similar to the Madewell pair and I love them! These are some gorgeous spring picks!

    xo, Llana

  4. Yay spring! I want everything on your pretty collage!